What is RV Transit for the RVers ?

The RV Transit Network is a Website that offers to Rvers on the go all the logistics and travel information they are looking for.

With the collaboration of affiliated members working in one of the three following sectors of activity: Essential Services and RV Maintenance, Restaurants, Food and Supplies and Activities and Agritourism, the RV Transit Network indicates where Rvers can find all the products, services and activities they are looking for. Moreover, they will find all of the necessary information they need on safe and authorized overnight RV parking. These overnight parking for self-sufficient RVs are easy to access and available for free or in exchange of product sales, services or activities.

The rvtransit.com Website is user-friendly and offers constantly updated information. The Rvers have free-access to rvtransit.com, which means they don't have to become members, nor do they have to provide any personal information, passwords or email address to access the Website.

By using the RV Transit Network, the RVers will remain well informed during their travels. The rvtransit.com Website is here to guide you.

Leave behind all worries and dare to choose the roads less traveled, and find yourself one step closer to freedom!

You can trust rvtransit.com, a network exclusively designed for RVers in transit!


It's now time to take the road, travel and discover!