RV Transit would like to wish you all the best for 2016!

2015 has been a record year: 200,000 visitors!
RV Transit is very pleased to report an impressive increase in the number of its Website visits. The results are convincing. For the year 2015, we have had 200 000 visits on our Website in comparison to 150 000 in 2014. There are no doubts, more and more RVers are making the RV Transit mobile Website their perfect travel companion.

RV Transit is an excellent showcase Website for affiliated members!
RV Transit team members have received several testimonies during the last season from affiliated members. The RV Transit membership has been nothing less than a profitable investment for their business. With its 200,000 visitors in just one year, the RV Transit Website is an excellent tool to market your products, services or activities!

RVers, you are our eyes on the road!
During the last season, several RVers have taken the time to inform us of important services in Canada and the United States that should be part of our network. We want to say Thank You! Because of you, our database is improving each year and you helped us better meet RVers' traveling needs.

Is fast, easy and free access to information important to you? If so, why not talk to your family and friends about RV Transit. In doing so, you will certainly make their next camping season a better experience!

RV Transit team has no plan to hibernate!
With the great results we have had in 2015, our team is already working on the 2016 summer season. New technologies will help us offer you more speed and precisions, just where and when you need it. Stay tune!

Affiliated members! We look forward to contributing to your next season success!

RVers! We look forward to guiding your upcoming 2016 camping adventures!

Thank you for your business!

François Duchesne
Director of Business development
RV Transit



With the kind of winter we had this year, who doesn't want to start planning a summer vacation under the sun? And for outdoor enthusiasts, there's nothing like springtime to start talking about camping trips and RVs, isn't it?

During its huge Spring sale of used RVs, happening on May 9 and 10, Entreposage JCS has invited RV Transit to set up an information booth. Come and visit us! You will be able to ask questions or see a demonstration of our RV Transit Website. For more information, please visit

Last year, after launching the App for mobile phones, a lot of RVers asked us if the Web site was going to be available as a downloadable version (including CDs and memory sticks). An Internet connection is not always available or of good quality when traveling in remote areas and far from urban centres. For this reason, a downloadable version would come in handy and allow everybody to access the database anywhere. We are pleased to announce that our team is working on such versions and we will keep you updated as the work progresses.

RV Transit database will help all RVers plan their gateways and get information on hundreds of affiliated members across Canada and the United States. Our affiliated members will be more than happy to answer any questions and meet your needs. Don't hesitate to give them a call. Our affiliated members are there for you!



November 2014 - Newslettre

Again this year, the RV Transit Website has experienced exceptional traffic. A total of 25,000 visits per month was recorded last summer. This number represents 550,000 pages view over the last two years. These statistics are meaningful for our affiliated members!

Since its creation, RV Transit has quickly become an excellent showcase Website for its affiliated members. And what about the RVers in transit? These numbers speak for themselves: RV Transit has become, without any doubt, an essential travel companion for them.

In addition to these compelling statistics for the last summer season, 2014 has given us the opportunity to create an App for mobile phones as well as bringing several improvements to the existing Website.

It is also worth mentioning that during last summer, RV Transit was present at many festivals and events in the province of Ontario and Quebec, and participated in the Montreal RV Show that took place last spring.

Finally, to end this year on a happy note, it is with great pleasure that we are announcing the expansion of the RV Transit database to the United States. After recording hundreds of data for eastern and western Canada, we are happy now to include the United States. And yes, this launch is just in time for the snowbird RV season!

We invite you to take a look at the USA interactive map today. Before you know it, you might just start dreaming of a well-deserved vacation to the sun!

Affiliated members + RVers = RV Transit

February 2014 - Newslettre

As winter draws to a close, the new 2014 camping season is finally just around the corner! To be fully prepared for this new season, the RV Transit Team invites you to come and visit its stand at the Montreal RV Show happening from March 6 to 9, 2014.

You will be able to ask all the questions you may have on RV Transit to our representatives and obtain all the details on becoming an RV Transit affiliated member.

So, whether you are a recreational vehicle dealership, a business offering products, services and activities to the Rvers community, or simply outdoor lovers like us, come and visit us at the stand number 228 at the Montreal RV Show.

Don't miss it!

To obtain more information on the Montreal RV Show, visit :

François Duchesne
Director of Business development
RV Transit

November 2013 - Newslettre

There is no such thing as bad travellers, only badly prepared travellers. In fact, the very core of RV Transit has always been to guide RV travellers in the best possible way. In this regard, we are very pleased to announce today that the new mobile application can now be accessed on all types of smart phones and tablet computers. Our technical team has worked several weeks to developed this high-quality mobile application and improved concept that we are offering you today. So don't wait any longer and go have a look! And don't hesitate to send us your feedbacks.

Over the last few months, besides working on the mobile application, we have also visited a large number of regions in Ontario and Quebec to promote the RV Transit's Web site. It's been a real pleasure to meet with many RVers and business owners while taking part to a number of festivals and special events. Many of them have mentioned that they already knew RV Transit Web site and that they were using it a lot as a planning tool. So what more could we ask?

Finally, even if the 2013 summer season is already behind us, RV Transit will continue its activities. In the next few months, we will be working on the directory of affiliated members across Canada and list their activities, products and services. Moreover, updates will be done soon on the Web site in order to increase its speed and make it easier to use.

It will be a with great pleasure to communicate with you at the beginning of the 2014 summer season. Until then, we wish you a nice winter and hope you have fun planning your next RV vacations!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will the RV Transit Web site be covering the United States in a near future?

A: We have already started analyzing the possibilities to build a directory for the American market; however, our priority for now is to fully meet the needs of the RVers in Canada.

François Duchesne
Director of Business development
RV Transit


June 2013 - Newsletter

The nice weather has finally arrived and summer vacations are just around the corner!

Needless to say that with the warm weather RVers are looking forward to hit the road again to discover Quebec and Ontario beautiful regions. Thanks to the RV Transit Network and to its affiliated members, RVers will be able to find all of the information they need while travelling.

The RV Transit Team wish to extend a warm welcome to its new members who signed up in the last few months. Many different types of businesses have registered to the Network, such as propane retailers and gas stations with diesel, RV dealerships, RV maintenance and service centers, RV dump stations, tourist information offices, etc. We are pleased to see that everyone we've met so far was very enthusiastic about the new RV Transit Website. Moreover, Website attendance statistics keep rising every day, so the 2013 summer season is starting off good and we promise you that the best is still to come!

In conclusion, we would like to wish a beautiful summer season to our affiliated members as well as to all RVers that will be using the RV Transit Website while planning their getaways. Have a great summer vacation!

Frequently asked questions

Q : Will the RV Transit Website be available on Smartphones?
A : Yes, the RV Transit Website will be available for mobile devices in a few months. The mobile Website will be an enhanced version of the actual site and users will be able to get specific results based on the location they are. The app development is underway and more information will be published when made available.

Q : Why can't we find any camping sites information on your Website?
A : You can already find many Websites on the Internet that are specialized in campground information. RV Transit is specializing in data required to RVers travelling between their starting point and their destination. However, if RVers are showing interests in such a registry over time, it will be easy to add a new tab containing this information on the Website.

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The Management Team


March 2013 - Newsletter

After spending the last year working on the province of Quebec directory, we are pleased to post online hundreds of businesses and organizations located in the province of Ontario. More than 1200 locations have been entered in all products and services categories available to RVers in Ontario. From the Thunder Bay Region to Windsor, through Ottawa and the greater Toronto area, this province includes many points of service that will help you plan your RV vacation for the new upcoming 2013 summer season. So, don't wait any longer. Go take a look at the Ontario's geolocation map.

Moreover, in order to keep you updated on new information, we are adding a « Frequently Asked Questions » section to the RV Transit Newsletter. In this section, you will find answers to commonly asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am the owner of an agricultural farm that offers agritourism activities in the Ottawa Region. Can I register my business on the RV Transit Directory to attract customers?

A: Yes, you can register your business. Under the "Subscribe to the Directory" Tab, you will find  a section for Activities and agritourism. The only condition of admissibility in this category is to be able to offer overnight parking for self-sufficient RVs (without services), and as the owner, you establish the rules.

Subscribing to our Newsletter is the best way to keep you informed of the latest news from RV Transit and its affiliated members. You can do so by adding your email address under Register for our newsletter.

You would like to register to the RV Transit Directory as an affiliated member? Don't hesitate to let us know by sending us an email at, or fill up the form on the Subscribe to the Directory section Tab.

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The Management Team


December 2012 - Newsletter

December 1st, 2012 is the official release date of The RV Transit Team and its collaborators are proud to present you this new business Website. We assure you that the best is still to come...

The RV Transit team would like to take this opportunity to thank the following collaborators:

Distantia team members

Jonathan Fournier
President, Distantia

Michel Martineau
Consultant, Business Plan development

Renald A. Piché
Commissioner, Gatineau's economic development

Gaétan Chauret
Consultant, CFP Compétences Outaouais

Dominique Dodd
Marketing Consultant

Daniel St-Hilaire
Consultant, Business Development

RV Transit Team Members:
Chantal St-Hilaire
Drafting advisor

Marilyn Duchesne
Data Entry

Samuel Duchesne
Quality Control

                                                                                                      François Duchesne
                                                                                                      Business Manager